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Game client 3,70 GB
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Top Characters
Name Lvl Guild
1 [Master]Chaos 225
2 [MOD]Zyklist 210 IronHorde
3 [MOD]2GARIN 207 IronHorde
4 xSNHx 205 IronHorde
5 Angueyas 205 IronHorde
6 Desirella 205 WelcomeToHell
7 Designer 205 IronHorde
8 Ant1dot 205 WelcomeToHell
Top Guilds
Name Dungeon Master
1 IronHorde [MOD]Zyklist
2 Daredevil asdwaw
5 LifeForTheHorde BOSS
6 WelcomeToHell ToTKoroHeT
7 LGBT Zyk1ist
8 Eternal Titus

Balance skills and Guild house

1.Summon creature - now has a cooldown 12 sec
2.Added the GUILD HOUSE, you can buy it from the manager
It has teleports to hidden dungeons, buffs, summoning bosses, a mini-game and much more, over time it will be filled 
When buying, you are given a guild BANK as a gift, anyone can put rupiah there, only the head of the guild can take it from there, NPCs are opened and improved, for rupiah that are in the guild bank
3.Removed  Scroll of Refresh
4.Relics of Arid Moonlight 2 and Kaia Lake the mode PK is available again


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03.04.2021 18:30


Server online

Update laucnher
1.Added anti-macro system(in places where money is farmed)
2.Removed the ad when the player logs on to the server
3.Fixed lightning chain lightning and Vengeful Spirit
4.You can get a title from the NPC "AntiPK".When he's dressed, the other players don't do any damage to you, just like you don't do any damage to them
If the player will use the title and attack you with pets,Send a screenshot and the player will be blocked
This will appear in the server rules a little later

01.01.1970 03:00

Update #2

Update launcher

1.Changed the price of the magic Stone for the arena
2.Changed the price of arena shards
3.Added boxes of 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000, with arena points, to the arena merchant
4.Donation wings added,for arena points
5.Added a scroll to remove the guild penalty for arena points

01.01.1970 03:00

Update #3

Server Online

Update Launcher
1.Increased the money limit before 999b
2.The Beginner's Ring is now valid for 3 days and up to level 210
3.Added to the altar: automatic awakening of weapons and armor
4.Increased chance of Reviac card dropout
5.Added a stone to unlock artifacts for arena points
6.Hiden ROA Added Hector's Shadow monsters (which can be tamed with the Hector card)
7.The Donat shop has added boxes with donat 100-500-1000, which you can transfer between players
8.Added new collections of boss cards in Black marketer Nostra Family(can be passed on to other players)in addition to you, buffs your pet
Basic collection - 10 cards of all bosses (except vulcano and the high witch) gives +100 to all stats
Rare Collection- Basic collection of + 20 cards of all bosses (except Vulcano and the High Witch) gives +200 to all stats and 30 to Crit power
Unique Collection-A rare collection of + 50 cards of all bosses (except Vulcano and High Witch) gives +300 to all stats and 45 to Crit power
9.Removed title AntiPK
10.You can no longer turn on the PK in the zones: Relics of Arid Moonlight 2, Kaia Lake
11.Some boss cards have been added to the NPCs
12.JP LV can now be upgraded to level 120

01.01.1970 03:00

Update #4

Server Online

Update the launcher
The server moved to new hardware
1.All the skills of the pets are returned to their original state
2.Added Citodel Siege(you can sign up in the horizon)(Test mode)
AM-00:00-12:00(Moscow time)
PM-12:00-00:00(Moscow time)
The awards for the record have been changed
Gold Medal - 150 to all stats and 15 to Crit Power
Silver Medal - 100 to all stats
Bronze Medal - 50 to all stats
The medal is used as a buff
The Cloak grants 7% Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense
During the siege of the citadel, you can only use the return scroll(to your hometown) this will be fixed over time
3.Rings on the island now fall in bags
4.Fixed the gold medal for the arena
5.Soul Catalyst 100% fixed it
6.Removed the phantoms when running(Test mode)
7.Pet Artifacts added to NPCs per arena
8.Total damage in PVP is reduced (Test mode)
9.PVP damage from pets reduced (Test Mode)
10.Medusa helmet can now be opened with the BPOC, as well as a random number of cells fall out
11.Removed automatic awakened helmet
12.Added level 2 empty bottles for pets, for arena points

01.01.1970 03:00